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New Gallery Opening above Presti's Bakery (for the third time)

I got a call about the perfect space that opened up in Little Italy. I’m Thankful for all the support! Especially from the good people of Presti's Bakery!  I had plenty of time to ponder whether I really wanted to open up the gallery again. I thought for sure I was going to. Then Coved hit. Everything changed.  So I held off. At the same time, I still searched for the right space. Finding a gallery or storefront space in Cleveland is not as easy as you would think. I've been keeping a blog of this gallery journey since 2008. In 2009, I opened the gallery above Presti's for the first time. Then a second time in 2011. Then I moved the gallery into a storefront on Mayfield Road across from Murray Hill Road. That space thrived for almost five years, until I left in 2018 when my father got struck with a fatal illness— It's been a rough last three years during the pandemic.  I was on a few waiting lists for spaces to open up. This is a good thing. I'm glad that retail was

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